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Besko Outdoor, originally called Interstate Outdoor Advertising, was created in the 1970's by Ted Ericson. Ted erected two outdoor advertising structures (signs) along Interstates 81 and 380 near the Scranton, Pa. area. He utilized the signs to supplement his income throughout the 1970's and 1980's.

Upon his passing away in 1989 the structures were left to his children, Karen Winterle and Michael Ericson. Karen, Michael and Jerry Beskovoyne jr. (Grandson) continued operating the signs from that point. Jerry, along with the assistance of his Uncle Michael Ericson have maintained, leased and posted those original signs as well as new locations built after that point throughout the Eastern Pennsylvania area. The current company name BESKO is derived from the shortened version of Jerrys full last name (Beskovoyne).

Jerry Beskovoyne and Michael Ericson have been working in the outdoor advertising industry for over 20 years. Along with the assistance of William Burger, Jerry and Michael seek to bring more expansion.........................................

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