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 No.  City  Location Read Size DEC Rate Sheet
2003A Staten Island, NY Rt. 440 Southbound Right Bulletin
12' x 36'
80,000 Call for Details
2001A North Bergen, NJ I-495 & Tonnelle Avenute, located along the Lincoln Tunnel approach into Midtown Manhattan from New Jersey. Left Bulletin
14' x 48'
200,000 Click Here to Download PDF
2002A Staten Island, NY 1-278 S.I. Expressway / Verranzano Bridge, visible to Brooklyn / Long Island traffic from Staten Island. Right Bulletin
14' x 48'
205,000 Click Here to Download PDF
All prices are subject to change at any time. Please consult Besko Outdoor sales personnel for specific price information for each billboard or location. Square footage values are approximate.

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